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  • MUSIC // Wombats remix!
    New remix of this brilliant tune!
  • MIX // Discoey Mix Vol.2
    The next volume is out, lots of actual original disco in vol.2! Check it out in the Mixes section...
  • MUSIC // Luna remix!
    Check out the Bombay Bicycle Club remix with over 37,000 listens!
  • MUSIC // Prisoner Remix!
    Check out my remix for the band COLOUR!
  • MUSIC // Walk In To The Water
    Something a bit more breaky!
  • MUSIC // Black Box remix!
  • MUSIC // Stay High remix!
    Click to the music section to hear my pianoy take on this track!
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Satellite Stories – The Trap(Tracks I Like)

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Saint Motel – My Type(Tracks I Like)

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Fractures – Embers(Tracks I Like)

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Peace – Money(Tracks I Like)

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Every now and then when I’m on a computer listening to podcasts or the radio, I’ll clip random bits I’ve heard on the net/radio and whack them on Audioboo (not really sure what else the site is used for!)

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Hey there, you’re on my site, I like your face.  I’m Karl!

Basically, I’ve always listened to dance music since I was at school, staying up until the early hours in my schooldays listening to Pete Tongs Essential Mix all night.

Image01As soon as there was a ‘family computer’ (a Commodore Amiga, oh yes) I started to attempt to make music – it turned out after a while I could pick up software fast and had an ear for keys/tuning/melodies etc, and it was fun enough that I’ve carried on doing that until now.

The love of music inevitably led me to DJing (which I’ve been doing for over 10 years now) – starting on crap belt-drive decks, the lovely 1210’s, CDJ’s and currently now on Traktor/S4 and a Kontrol F1.  I love authentic vinyl mixing, but its much more fun having the ability to play about 35/40 songs in a set, using loops & tricks and being able to instantly grab a song from the 70s til now with file searching!

Image02The  music I first started producing was probably about 70% Trance music along with trying out other genres, which gave me a bit of a niche in the market back then as I was making so many special remixes of indie tunes etc I had a pretty unique sound, so had lots of Trance gigs and got lots of bootlegs/originals played by big trance jocks like Tiesto and Above & Beyond.

I got a bit disheartened after seeing a friend buy their way into the trance scene by getting a song made for £150 and instantly get signed to a big label & getting loads of gigs, so started drifting away from Trance (I know, it happens in all genres now anyway).

So now I mostly make various kinds electronic music primarily House music!  It’s so versatile and has so many sub-genres and a much more interesting history.  It’s just a good fun style of music!  My DJ sets can be varied from playing old disco & funk tracks mixed with some soulful house (had some good fun summer gigs on a rooftop bar playing this), normto bouncy bassliney type stuff, even the odd bit of dirty giant banging electro.

I’d describe a general set which I prefer to play late in a club as containing any sort of funky, bouncy tunes with catchy/rolling basslines interspersed with random classics thrown in, whatever sub-genre all those tunes might be.  Oh, and obviously including lots of my own special edits, remixes & originals!

I don’t care how underground someone might think they are, they’ll still throw their hands in the air when you drop Playing With Knives after a few upfront tunes!

Here’s a couple of examples of what I tend to DJ you can listen to:

(these links also have rundowns that will play all the tracks within the mix in about 2mins – you have to do your own ministry of sound advert style voiceover though)

Early/Summery sets  |  Late night club sets  |  various other mixes here!


Here’s a more generic bio suitable for sites/blogs with a few clangers in etc and some parts of a recent interview I did for a club night I DJ’d at:

  • Generic Bio

    “Karl G” (Karl Gunton)

    Karl G is a Southwest UK based producer/DJ born in 1982, who has been creating music from around the age of 13, and performing in clubs since the age of 19.  His influences come from all genres, sepecifically music that has been created with a motive other than purely money making.

    Under the slightly shortened name of “Karl G”, he’s had tracks & remixes supported on radio shows, or played out by DJs such as:
    Judge Jules (featured in the “Best of British” show, and various Karl G tracks have been ‘tried & tested’s including “Repeat Again”, played 6 weeks in a row on his BBC Radio 1 show)
    Fatboy Slim
    Above & Beyond
    Ferry Corsten
    Marco V
    Paul Oakenfold
    Big Al
    DJ Choose
    Agnelli & Nelson
    Kuffdam & Plant
    Fabio Stein
    …and many more

    Karl has been commissioned for remix work for various artists including Dr Meaker and on independent labels and larger ones including Ministry Of Sound and has also has production credits with acoustic acts/bands in a non-dance music capacity.  Numerous Vinyl releases and Digital releases of remixes and original productions from the past 10 years can be found online.

    DJing credits include guestmixes on various radio shows including Dave Pearce’s, and in locations including Ibiza (a 6 hour beachfront set), London, Bristol, Birmingham, Wales & Ireland and across the Southwest, DJing alongside John Kelly, Brandon Block, Sonique, Judge Jules, Kyau & Albert, Big Al, Jon O’Bir, Marc Vedo and many more.

    Visit these sites for further information and to hear Karl’s music:


  • Interview Snippets

    As Contagious turns 10, I took the opportunity to catch up with some of the DJs playing at their awesome birthday party – One of these DJs is the uber-talented Karl G…

    So, let’s get acquainted…where are you from, what do you do when you’re not behind the decks, and have you got any Contagious diseases we should know about?

    Hey there!  I’m currently living in Weston-Super-Mare; there’s donkeys and a pier, and the Courtyard Sessions events; where we basically take pubs’ beer gardens, set up a soundsystem, lighting, projector screens, then get a load of DJ friends and play all kinds of house music and classics all day from about 4pm til they shut!

    When I’m not behind a set of decks/controllers I’ll probably be making tracks/remixes, doing a bit of graphic design stuff or out at a club, pub or seeing bands!

    You’re safe as far as Contagious diseases go, it seems that you can’t catch my refusal to act my age, luckily.

    How did you discover dance music?

    While everyone else at school was listening to the pop charts and going to bed early, I was up til ridiculous o’clock every weekend listening to The Essential Mix.  I found a plastic carrier bag full of cassette tape recordings of a load of them when I moved recently!

    I remember the days of trying to press record at just the right moment so you didn’t miss a moment of your favourite tune!

    Your last mix, in February, was quite random, in the best possible way.  I spotted everything from Daft Punk to Everything Everything, with a few classic trance and a bit of George Michael thrown in for good measure. Sum up your style in 5 words.

    Big tunes to party to!

    I love finding new tracks with fun, happy basslines or really bouncy drums, though most of my DJ sets consist of about half old tracks too.   I love hearing a classic out, so tend to play them too!  I use a Kontrol F1 for some fun looping/acapellas etc too.  Expect something random like SL2 or an old speed garage track in the middle of a set!

    Nice! When you’re putting together a new mix, how do you go about deciding what tunes to use and what will go with what?

    If it’s for a CD/free download, I tend to make it a bit of a journey, getting more larey near the end.  This comes from the fact most of my mixes are played in mates’ cars on the way to gigs/clubs, so it works nicely to get you in the mood as you arrive, rather than just starting banging straight off!

    If I’m picking tunes ready for a club set, I’ll probably pick about 5/6 definite tunes and choose the rest live.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a DJ play exactly the same set in each place!  (I actually saw this happen on the same day at Bestival last year!).  There will be a lot of my own special edits and remixes made just for the gig usually too (which you can download from my website/Soundcloud).

    I hear you’re a big deal in the production scene young man.  How did you get into it, and what’s your proudest moment to date?

    Ha, I don’t know about ‘big deal’ but I’ve been making dance music for over 10 years now; everything from trance to house stuff.

    Luckily I’ve had great support from big DJ’s in the past which is always the coolest thing, getting a big jock like Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Jules etc playing your tracks to their massive audience is awesome (and keeps your name on Google!).  I like remixing local bands and stuff too, have done some production work on a folky album for a local musician here Ryan Inglis, and have remixed one of Dr Meaker’s tracks recently too.

    My proudest moments though have been when Fatboy Slim’s played my remixes or tracks –  that guy did pretty much make his own genre and he looks like he’s having fun when he DJs – not taking it too seriously; fake-tanning up, getting sleeve tattoos or pre-recording sets so they ‘sync with the pyro’ like a lot of big names.  Had a chat with him at Motion when he was playing recently too, nicest guy in the world!


If you’re interested in booking for a DJ set or to commission a remix,
please feel free to contact me

Places to hear my stuff:
www.karlg.dj (here!)  |  www.soundcloud.com/karlg  |  www.mixcloud.com/karlg